A make or break moment



The announcement of £20 billion of additional funding for the NHS in England, and the preparation of the 10-Year Plan, present an opportunity for the NHS to move from a service built around reactive treatment to illness to one focussed on preventing illness, intervening early and managing long-term conditions in the community.

The Out of Hospital Care Forum has come together for the third time to explore where the funding should be spent to make the most impact.

Reforming the outpatients model, workforce, and managing complex care

We have created A policy contribution towards the NHS 10-Year Plan, which explores a number of areas for reform. The paper urges NHS leadership to take bold moves to shape a new future around patients and systems rather than institutions and professional silos. Artificial boundaries as to who provides what service where have no place in a patient-centred system.

The Forum

The Forum is made up of senior healthcare leaders from across the industry, including representation from the public, private and social care sectors. Download the report to learn more about the Forum and what we believe the future of healthcare to be.

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